Our agreement: DPO Hub terms

Access the DPO Hub Community terms here.

By subscribing to the DPO Hub by NoTies Consulting*, you promise Rie that you won't share your login details with anyone who doesn't have access themselves, and promise that you won't copy or share content in any way.

Since your access is personal (non-transferrable) and for non-commercial use only, you agree not to repurpose, modify, or create derivative works from any content of the DPO Hub. Just reach out if you're interested in using my content for your client alerts, newsletter, website, blog or other initiatives.

When you've purchased a subscription (thank you!), there are no refunds. So, if you're unsure, start with one month and cancel before renewal if you're not happy (and please tell Rie why so that she can improve!). I reserve the right to terminate your subscription, in which case the last payment will be refunded, and close the DPO Hub at any time.

If you're a Founding Member and cancel, you'll lose this status and can't join as a Founding Member again. If you resubscribe later, you'll pay the current rate. You'll also lose your complementary access to the DPO Hub Community, but may buy a separate Community subscription if available.

No part of the content can be interpreted as legal advice.

PS: If we disagree on anything, we'll settle that in Norway. Coffee's on me!

Sincerely, Rie

* Bedre Bedrift AS is a Norwegian incorporated limited liability stock company (business number 921119224), dba. as NoTies Consulting outside of Norway.

This is Version 1.1. 22 May 2024

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