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I'll be honest: I'm slightly nervous, but also very proud after putting in so much effort to create this.

It's been in the making for quite some time. A major motivation was to create a single place for overwhelmed DPOs to get all key GDPR updates (not all of them, who's got time for that (except me!)).

Because there's no shortage of updates. DPA decisions. EDPB Guidelines (or urgent bans). National and CJEU rulings.

On the contrary: we face an ever-growing avalanche of information in our field. How do we keep up to date with it all..? 🤔 While still enjoying regular life.

Newsletters. Subscriptions. Memberships. Events. Webinars.

But newsletters go unread. Webinars unattended (I'll be the first to admit: I never find time to watch that recording either).

Try to keep up on LinkedIn, only to be incredibly annoyed by the Phantom Reload: Just when you've found a gem of an update, the feed decides to spontaneously refresh. The post you were reading? Gone.

Feels familiar..? Even if you, like Amalia (referenced with permission):

...have literally saved your posts for like 2 years

the LinkedIn save list is just long and agonising with zero filters or sorting. 😩

But perhaps the worst part is when everyone else knew before you, the Group DPO...

No more.

Our field is a challenging one and our community is often fighting an uphill battle. DPOs tend to be unappreciated and have too few resources to be able to perform our tasks sufficiently.

Acting as an external DPO for years, I'm well familiar with the struggles: the mounting stress of being bombarded with updates, the anxiety of missing something crucial, and the sheer exhaustion of sifting through dozens of sources daily.

And it's not just about getting updates, but getting the right ones.

THIS is why I've created the DPO Hub. To help DPOs keep up to date.

Many have already requested a community and trust me, this is in the plans. First, however, the focus is to get this MVP off the ground and see if it's sustainable.

You can become one of only 250 Founding Members

This is a one-time offer for only 250 people, who together will be The Founding Members of DPO Hub.

Several spots are already gone since I first announced this privately to my newsletter subscribers.

Those 250 people get the same price - forever. It'll never increase.

🏗️ It's my way of saying thanks for supporting me while I (still) build this first version, accepting it'll be work-in-progress for a while longer.

As a Founding Member, you'll receive a welcome gift, so remember to add your shipping address! I'm sending to any country I'm allowed to (and you can read about that experience here...!).

You'll also be the first to know when that community (hopefully) launches.

What is it?

The DPO Hub is your dedicated online portal where I share handpicked critical alerts, important news and intriguing insights mainly related to the GDPR.

Think of it as my LinkedIn feed, just supercharged and organised. 🔥

After logging in, you'll see a feed with various updates from (and my take on) CJEU and court rulings, as well as decisions, guidelines and relevant information from the EDPB, DPAs and the European Commission.

On one single page you'll find all (and most recent versions of!) EDPB Guidelines and Recommendation, and Art. 65 Binding Decision on another. No more endless circular navigation on their website or relying on a Public Consultation version...

📚 Build your personal 'library' by bookmarking any post. All posts are tagged so you can easily filter for topics you're particularly interested in (for example personalised ads, accountability etc.).

Critical and important posts are featured on top. You'll also get notified on email and can read the entire post right there in your inbox.

You won't miss a thing as I'll send you a monthly summary too.

You can even choose from four different themes, customising the portal to your liking! My favorites are Dark and Whitesmoke.

🔎 Finally, the powerful search engine is ready to help you quickly find content you're looking for.

Why a paid subscription?

Think of it as crowd-funding me as your personal Chief of GDPR Updates. ✍️ I've made the membership as reasonable as possible, to let as many people as possible get the chance to join.

I'll still post (free updates) on LinkedIn, but going forward the DPO Hub is my first priority. DPO Hub members are my first priority.

As I said above: You'll be the first in the know.

I already created the GDPR.Fan website (so that we don't have to link to the one where they suddently added pop-up ads...). My company paid/pay for development, hosting and CDN. And since my company is a one-woman-show, that's effectively me!

My dream is to do far less consulting and much more curating, reading, analysing, distilling, and sharing key insights from our field.

To do that, I must ensure a profitable, stable and sustainable business. My hope is that the DPO Hub will be the foundation for this.

Is it worth it?

Let's put it to the test.

⏰ How many hours do you pour into weekly updates? Searching for the latest GDPR news, endlessly scrolling through LinkedIn, or visiting the profiles of regular publishers in hopes of catching new insights?

And let's not even mention those unread newsletters piling up in your inbox...

If the DPO Hub can reclaim just one of those hours for you, it's already paid for itself.

Give it a go for a month and see for yourself. Just keep in mind that I'm still working on the first version, so thanks for bearing with me!

I'm in! 🙌

NB: If you secure a Founding Member spot and then cancel, you'll lose this status. If you resubscribe later, you'll pay the current rate.

Founding Members get 29% off the regular price. Make sure you apply the promo code FM2023 to view and secure that rate*.

All prices in the pricing table are shown before you've applied the discount code and exclude VAT. Here's the breakdown (rounded):

  • Monthly: 48 €34 or 557 NOK 396,-
  • Every six months: 288 €205 or 3 342 NOK 2 373,-
  • Yearly: 576 €409 or 6 684 NOK 4 746,-

* If the promo code doesn't work, it means the 250 spots are gone. But reach out to me to double check, it might be a technical hiccup.

Make sure you read the terms and privacy notice.

💶 What currency should you pay in?

You have two options below: the first pricing table is in Euro, the other in Norwegian kroner.

You can subscribe monthly, for every six months or yearly.

PS: Most members got the subscription covered by their employer.

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